Mount & Blade II : Bannerlord Patch Notes e1.0.9
Mount&Blade II : Bannerlord patch e1.09 パッチe1.09

Multiplayer – Other マルチプレイ – その他

– Added a maximum limit to the number of characters a player can type in multiplayer chat (500 characters).


Crashes クラッシュ

– Fixed a minor crash in the main storyline.


– Fixed a crash that occurred upon completion of the “Lord Needs Garrison Troops” quest.

クエスト “Lord Needs Garrison Troops “の完了時に発生したクラッシュを修正しました。

– Fixed a crash that occurred upon completion of the “Gang Leader Needs Weapons” quest.


– Fixed a problem with fading out agents without fading out their mounts. This especially affected quests and when you equipped your companions with mounts.


Performance パフォーマンス

– VRAM leak fix for the Party screen.


User Interface ユーザーインターフェース

– Fixed a bug which applied changes without deducting funds from the player when switching screens from the bottom left menu.


Clan and Party クランとパーティー

– Lords and minor faction party leaders will now visit settlements to trade if they are carrying a lot of loot (especially after successful battles and raids).


Kingdoms and Diplomacy 王国と外交

– Ending mercenary contract with a kingdom through dialogue will no longer result in a relationship loss.


Economy and Trade 経済と貿易

– Fixed a bug where bartering items with lords that were staying in settlements was not possible.


– Made some economical management improvements to clan leaders’ finances over an extended period to try and reduce the chances of them becoming too rich or too poor.


Quests & Issues クエストと課題

– Sending the culprit from the “Family Feud” quest as an alternative solution to an issue is now blocked.


Conversations & Encounters 会話・出会い

– Bandits will now surrender more easily if their opponent is vastly stronger than them.


Other その他

Simplified Chinese translation improvements.


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